Blogmas 2016: Decorating the tree!


Ever since the thought of moving to Berlin crossed our minds, I’ve been researching Christmas trees, where to get them, how much they last, how expensive are they…. This is the first time we are going to spend Christmas during winter, and in a place where people buy actual trees! I couldn’t miss out.


We found, quite close to home, a little pop up tree shop with hundreds of trees from different ‘farms’, sizes and types of ‘pines’. We decided to go with a medium size one that was a little less than 30 Euros, it’s a pretty decent size and fits perfectly on one of the corners of our living room.


Le strong boyfriend was the one to take it home, it was to cool to walk home, so we took the U-Bahn (subway) where we were meet with confused look from grown-ups and happy children faces.


The next day we set it up, we used red, black and silver ornaments, shiny, sparkly, matte and we added some fairy lights. We added some Christmas presents under it (some real, some fake haha) and it was done! We kept it nice and minimalist and now our house smells incredible.


We added a couple more things around the house, some more fairy lights, a wreath and some branches on the heater mantel. So we can say that our house it 100% ready for Christmas.


Do you have a tree? What do you use to decorate it? or do you keep it plain?


Written by julesinabox