Volume 2

Hello weird part of the internet. It’s me again, you might know me from a The Kiwi Diaries, a sort of travel, lifestyle diary I started when I moved to New Zealand, hence the Kiwi aspect.

Throughout the years that blog became a bit of a mix match of themes: food, travel, design, art, events, heavily focused on my Auckland years. But since then I moved to Berlin, now Spain, and who knows… future place TBC (parents don’t freak out just yet)

It didn’t seem right to continue with The Kiwi Diaries if I was not in New Zealand, no matter how I tried to force it and after a couple of years I realised that my interest had changed, and it seemed weird to suddenly talk about other things online

At the beginning of this year I said goodbye to TKD. Reasons you can read here (this would be an eternal introduction if not) and I really thought I wasn’t going to blog any more, yet…. I still find myself going back to old entries and praising myself for writing things down because now I can go back to those moments.

Therefore, it seemed quite fitting that I start this blog today, on All’ Hallows Eve, a day where (it is believed) that the dead can roam the earth again. What I mean to say is (in a bizarre choice of words), Im bringing the kiwi diaries back from the dead, with a face-lift.

Still food… still travel…still epic fails…still not sure about putting my face out there… but with new things, new interests… I hope to meet some of you along the way and if not… future ME welcome to volume 2…welcome to Jules in a Box

Until next time. – Jules

Written by julesinabox