Dry Fridays [Week 2]

DJ15_1-Week-Dry-Badge_600x600Just a super quick update. This week went by as quick as a wink, it turns out I’m not having any major cravings for drink and not drinking during the week helped me stay a bit more ‘awake’ if you will.

We had a dinner party at Mr.F & Miss T on Saturday were I though I was probably going to drink but they made this amazing citrus and cranberry and lime non alcoholic drinks that tasted amazing.

As for they account, we are still at $125 with one Golden Ticket from last Saturday which I voided. (Meaning, the donation still went through but I didn’t drink) For all Dry-Julyer I found this amazing article on cute non-alcoholic drinks to share here.

Hope you have a great weekend and let see how next week goes.

Written by julesinabox