Dry Fridays [Week 1]

I know….It’s Saturday, but given the short week since dry July started on Wednesday I thought this time was ok to move it one day.

What to say… as the days went by I realized, this has to be to most alcohol related month event-wise. This week I had a couple of gathering with friends (in which I didn’t drink), a beer tasting at the office given a possible future project, there’s a wine festival at the wharf, a ‘street eats’ event in which I was craving a bit of a wine, a cocktail club on Wednesday and I was ‘paid’ with wine for a wee job for a friend…. the list goes on.


I’ve been named Miss Sobriety at the office and been tempted for a glass or two but Im happy I stayed content with my glass of water or soda.
Im super happy that we’ve raise $125 so far 🙂 and hope to keep going. Have a great weekend!


Written by julesinabox