A little update [The thyroid diaries. part 2]

On the first part of this post I talked about how I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, how the treatment ended with me in the other side of the spectrum: hypothyroidism.

Losing my hair and regaining my confidence

The upside of this whole ordeal, is that I was able to experience both sides of the ‘disease’ So if you come to me and said ‘Hey I have hyper…. Or hey I have hypo…’ I can say ‘I get you girl…’ The downside as you can imagine is that I experienced ALL THE SYMPTOMS haha I went from anxious and hyperactive to barely being able to get away from the couch, from sleeping all day to insomnia, and the ups and down of the scale, but the only thing that got me were the physical changes.

Within a couple of weeks, I’ve started to notice my skin getting dryer and dryer, I started getting acne (I was lucky to always had fairly good skin), my nails broke with a single touch and I started to see strands of my hair EVERYWHERE (low point in our last holiday: bad shampoo + shitty brush: disaster)

I guess this was the main reason I stopped everything, I stopped uploading photos to Instagram or Facebook and I stopped filming the PMS series, between being tired all the time and all these changes I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

Of course, I understand that is quite superficial to see it this way and that hair grows and there are 20000 different moisturizers now but I think we all struggle with body image issues through the ages, and for me, it took some years to finally feel comfortable in my skin. So, it felt like a kick in the gut to, after finally reaching this point, to be knocked out again by this stupid disease.

Jumping back and forward

A couple of weeks ago I had another blood test done. I could feel it, I knew I was hyper again, I could feel all the same symptoms as before but in a lower dose.

I decided to see another doctor, nothing wrong with the last one, but she didn’t explain thing much and I didn’t want to base all my knowledge on thyroid problems from the web.

This new doctor was great, she took the time to explain each disease to me, why things happen, how long the whole treatment might take (between 6 to 12 months if everything goes well) what are the side effects, what the beta blockers do and why I should take that doses and she, did confirm that I was hyper again.

The new-new treatment

This time, we decided to go back to the anti-thyroid medication, but this time cut the doses back to only two per day, and the beta-blocker to three per day depending how I feel (she explained that the medication she gave me, helps slow my heart beat, so if I don’t feel like I need it, it would be best to leave the heart be)

So, what now?

I’ve been taking my meds for three weeks now, and next week I need to go see her again, and we’ll see. I’ve been feeling tired and super cold again (but to be fair it’s getting cold AF here…cause…winter) So I’m trying to not overthink my symptoms.

I guess I’m trying to force myself to write again, I know I’m no Truman Capote but it’s a good outlet.

Written by julesinabox