Selling Dreams

Happy 2014 everyone!

I have decided (as kind of a new years resolution) to push myself and do at least two/three blog post per week. Truth is… I’ve been slacking. So I’ve been gathering content all over the city and planning some trips to bring the most of the country to you.


But first, lets talk art… because if you are staying in Auckland, or passing by until the 28th February, you want to know about this. It’s crazy how I, being the art/museum freak I am, have never been to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It’s been almost a year since I came to New Zealand and I’ve never set foot on it, so, add another one to my new years resolutions. – “More Museums please.”


From the 6th December to the 28th February, The Victoria and Albert museum (from London, UK) is featuring the exhibition “One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography” in the Auckland Museum. It’s a fantastic display of photographs, from the last 100 years, featuring artists like Richard Avedon, Miles Aldrige, Tim Walker and Edward Steichen among others. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the pieces because of copyright reasons but i took note of my favorite ones to show you.



Together with the exhibition, VIVA Magazine is presenting a cycle of late night talks every Wednesday, where you can see the exhibition after hours and there will be panels with fashion designers, curators, magazine editor, photographers, etc, plus, food and drinks. (Follow this link for more info on this )

So if you are in the city, please give it a go, the exhibition its no more that $10 and while you are there you can go see the rest of the museum as well. By the way, if you are an aucklander and have proof of residence, or a library card you can ask for a FREE Museum card, meaning that you can go as many times as you like, swipe it at the gate and go in for free, so no more excuses for not going. (or course i guess this excluded special paid exhibitions)

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Written by julesinabox