Kikki.K + swedish design = Happiness

[Disclaimer: Im not, in any way sponsored by, or was asked to do any advertisement on this brand, this is just my humble opinion on something I really wanted to share with you. If I ever get asked by anybody to create a post on a certain place or product I will add a note to the post explaining it]

As you already know (or not… I don’t know for how long you’ve been reading this blog) I am a graphic designer & illustrator, so I’m naturally bound to love great design and pretty things. Back in Argentina there are not so many stationary or “design” stores, so when I first set foot on a Kikki.k shop my reaction was pretty much this one….

I feel like Im a Bauhaus-swedish cleancut design type of girl, so my relationship with this brand was something that was meant to be, and I mean…. come on, who in their right mind wouldn’t LOVE a store that looks like this?!


From what I gathered by the products themselves, and by peeking in the web site, the brand itself focus on stationary design; calendars, diaries, notebooks, journals, all kind of stationary accessories, and desk tools, but they also have bags and satchels. But what I really liked, (besides the design itself) are what they call Happiness and Organization Workshops, where you go and they teach you ways and give you tips and tricks to be more organized and to “embrace happiness” and use every day actions and moments to feel inspired.



The day I went to the store to take the photos (Kikki.K Britomart), they had the new Christmas range, and I must say, it was amazing, the store itself is actually really nice put together and each “storyline” has its own space, so everything it really easy to find and you can easily get drawn to what you need, except if you are me and stay hours “just looking” and making gigantic wishlists.



To sum up, I really wanted to make this post because I really like this store and its products and if you are just passing by the country or living here and you are a design freak like myself, you should go and take a look. I will leave the store’s web site and some more photos at the end of the post if you like to just take a look and see what they are actually about.

I want to take a minute to thank the lovely girl from the Britomart store and P.R for letting me stay hours in the shop taking photos, I know that sometimes it’s hard to get companies to let you take pictures of their products, but they were really nice about it.

See you next time. Jules.-




Written by julesinabox