Gallipoli – Te Papa Exhibition

_DSC0417I’m usually a fan of museums so it’s not surprising to see me recommend an exhibition or a specific museum. But today’s recommendation is not one to take lightly. This was by far the best exhibition I saw all year (last year really since it was 2015)

Ever since we got to New Zealand, Le boyfriend and I were told that we had to go to the Te Papa museum, that it was by far the best in the country and that you would enjoy it even if you didn’t like museums. So we made it a obligatory stop when we had our day trip to Wellington.


The Gallipoli: The scale of our War exhibition by Weta Workshop, was created for the centenary of the First World War and it focus on 8 specific New Zealanders that were part of the 8 month Gallipoli Campaign, the exhibit also has 3d maps, models, miniatures and interactive sections that will take you around the history and experiences of this campaign.



Each figure is 2.5 times the human scale and the level of detail in these is amazing, even though the scale helps, you can see each hair, each drop of sweat that will make the models so life like that I almost thought they were going to stand up and start walking at some point.



To give you an idea of the work and detail on each piece, Le boyfriend and I went to Weta Cave and had a tour around their facilities, all the way to the end of it was this girl sitting next to one the gigantic heads, placing with a needle, each hair around his head. We asked her what would happen if she accidentally put more pieces of hair in one go and her response was ‘Once or twice would be fine, that can happen, but if it happens several times I would take them out and start again’ She was even placing hairs that then we going to be ‘shaven off’!

The exhibition is not long and free entry so any one can drop by and spend half an hour to an hour walking trough the models, listening to the narrated stories of each New Zealander and overall immersing into the campaign.


Written by julesinabox