Down the rabbit hole…

As most of you are aware, Christmas is coming, which means I get to do the thing I love the most (without guilt)…that is giving presents, and at the same time I get to do the most stressful, mind-wrecking thing….that is choosing presents.
So I went on an adventure though the streets of Auckland, to find a nice christmas present for le boyfriend and of course I couldn’t find anything that convince me enough. “Im pretty sure i can get something online he’ll like, anyways” was my final thought, so I gave up and start walking back home. I starting walking with my head down, like I had just lost a battle, when I saw a window.

Just a small window next to the ground, full of toys. And I thought it was pretty weird because the shop above it was a women’s clothing line that was very different to these kind of toys. So, as you do, I starting following the little windows until I reach a black door that lead to a staircase to a underground floor. And after going through all the different scenarios were I went down and I end up kidnapped by a group of Russian dwarfs and forced to make toys for the rest of my life, I decided to walk down. And what a great decision.


The windows were actually from a design store called design vault, and it was filled with notebooks, toys, watched, and funny novelty gifts and while I was walking around the shop, I came across this amazing Alice in wonderland postcards, the only ones I could find and the ones you will see in the following photos but I guess there should be more.



The great thing about these postcards, for those who like the story, is that the illustrations are the same one of the original book by Lewis Carroll, I think that the only difference is that the ones in the post cards are in colour and the original illustrations where black and white. Each set comes with an illustrated postcard, an envelope (that is illustrated on the inside) and a sticker that reads “Alice adventures in Wonderland” Not only that, but that sticker also resembles an old wax stamp.


I did find the xmas gift for le boyfriend, I you were wondering, but I just love that I keep finding these “hidden” places all over the city, and I just found funny that some of the most interesting things I’ve found them, whilst I was looking down. I’ll leave you with some more photos to look around.




Written by julesinabox