Colouring for Adult? Yes it’s real…

_DSC0244When I was around 6 or 7 le dad flew to New York… it was the 90’s, Argentina was in a ‘good’ economic state, 1 USD was equivalent to 1 ARS and my sister and I were young, this could only mean one thing….presents!

Besides getting the most fabulous pink power ranger costume (which suffered a tragic fate…. poor thing) and a mini floor piano like the one in BIG, I got a briefcase…. but not just any briefcase, one that had everything that a young creative would want: pastels, colour pencils and pens, watercolours, crayons, etc. You are now probably smiling because you know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m talking about this beauty…

Darice ArtyFacts Portable Art Studio

I don’t know what happened in life that we stopped colouring….us adults I mean. Unless you choose a career that’s linked in any way to art or design, adults don’t colour anymore, the random doodle in the edge of a page yes or maybe painting as a hobby but we don’t colour anymore…

I was struggling the last couple of weeks to find inspiration to write, I couldn’t find anything interesting to write about or the inspiration to sit down and type stuff on my computer….blogging if you will (JK) that was until I got a little book on the mail.


This little book is filled with line art, intricate designs and detailed elements, all for you to…yep colour. I sat down trying to decided where to start and I must have spent a good couple of hours ‘perfecting’ my drawing, letting go of everything else and forgetting everything I had to do until I was done.

I’m not saying this is the source of all mystic solutions for life (note to self: future book title), but it did help me unwind and take a step back to figure out what I wanted to do with the blog, what was worth sharing and as you can see, sit down and write.


The book that I got is Colour me Mindful: Birds, which is filled with 50 bird related designs, and apparently there are a couple more of these, Tropical being one of them and Underwater the other. Once I started looking into them I realized that apparently there is a whole movement of colouring books ‘for adults’ which is nice, its good that we take the time to colour every once in a while and forget we are adults 🙂


Colour me Mindful: Bird by Anastasia Catris, was sent to me once again by the lovely girls of Hachette NZ and can be found in stores around New Zealand. I’ll see how many I can get done, or maybe leave it in our coffee table with some pencils to see who wants to carry on…

Written by julesinabox