11230450_1580022492287409_689949239_nHi! For those who don’t know me I’m Jules, an Argentinian girl with a head filled with movie scenes and a heart for travel.

After finishing my degree in Graphic Design I packed my bags and left on a plane to New Zealand, leaving a few books, a couple of photographs and everything else behind. My parents once showed me a diary my grandfather once wrote on a year long travels through the seas, describing the people he met, the places he’s been and every day life in that ship. I feel (minding the differences) that’s on me to continue that diary.
So that’s what this is, a recollection of stories, places, people, food and everyday life ‘in this ship’.

These… are the Kiwi Diaries.

[UPDATE: After some late talks and not a lot of planning we moved to BERLIN! So Im continuing this ‘diary’ in Europe.]