D for Dampfnudel [ABC of German Food]

Today we are going to talk about the Dampfnudel, and how a tiny bread roll save a whole town from being killed.


A Dampfnudel is a steamed sweet of savoury bread roll that can be served as dessert with warm vanilla sauce and sometimes plum jam. It’s steamed with butter and milk making them buttery on the top and a crispy caramelised bottom.

Many Germans which I’ve spoken to say Dampfnudels remind them of the winter holidays, when they go skiing and get a warm Dampfnudel from the nearest cafeteria, but these little rolls have been here for years, with its first recipe being found in a book from 1811 but dating really since the 1600.

It’s said that once, in the region of Rhineland-Palatinate, in the town of Freckenfeld, a Swedish army entered the town during the 30 year war. They promised to murder everyone and rip the town to shreds unless they were fed. Luckily a baker by the name of Johanes Muck, his wife and his apprentice got to work and with little and basic ingredients such as flour, milk and butter there were able to make 1286 Dampfnudels to feed the army and saving their town.

As a memorial of what happen there is a Dampfnudeltor (Gate) with 1286 little ball-shaped rock to commemorate the baker and the moment the city was spared.

[ extra note: they are quite hard to make…it took me two tries and I’m still not convinced]

On a ‘type’ note:
Dala Floda is fairly new font, designed by Paul Barnes in 2010, it is inspired by the worn and eroded lettering found on gravestones. This is why even thought it seems to pair with other renaissance fonts, it has a stencil feel to it.

Written by julesinabox