C for Currywurst [ABC of German Food]

Currywurst…Berlin’s favourite dish. So loved by the city that it has it’s own museum… IT’S OWN MUSEUM! dedicated to this dish.



Herta Heuwer is the name of the lady attributed to the invention of the Currywurst in 1945, after she started selling this cheap dish to British soldiers. A typical currywurst consists of a grilled pork sausage (Bratwurst), whole or cut into chunks, topped with ketchup and a mixed of curry powder and spices. Usually is served with french fries and some places will make their own sausages with curry inside the filling as well.

As I said before, this is such a beloved dish that to commemorate it’s 60th anniversary, the Currywurst Museum opened in Berlin and it’s dedicated to it (I should know…I live two blocks from it), according to this museum it receives 350.000 visitors per year and there is an estimate of 800 million currywurst eaten per year in the country.

On a ‘type’ note:
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Written by julesinabox