ABC of German Food

Each country has their own special recipes, foods and ingredients. Some which are new, some which date hundreds and hundreds of years. During the first couple of weeks in Berlin I made it my  mission to try as many new foods, flavours, dishes as possible (no matter how strange or new they seemed to me)

After a bit of research and in a way of forcing myself into a creative project as well, I’ve decided to create ‘The ABC of German Food’ a typography and photographic project where I research and create photographic pieces on two of my ‘favourite’ subjects, typography and food. For the next couple of weeks/months/howeverlongittakes I’ll be posting a new german dish, all the way from A to Z.

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A for Apfel Strudel – B for Bretzel – C for Currywurst – D for Dampfnudel – E for Eierschecke – F for Flammkuchen – G for Gummibär – H for Hackepeter – [Unfortunately I couldn’t find any German dishes with I but if you know of any write to me] – J for Johannisbeere Kuche